Monday, April 30, 2012

Good game...

Being in a new relation ship is amazing. Getting to know someone new, your likes, and dislikes. Finding out if this is the one man for you.. Now, do all that with 3 kids. That's when it becomes a bit of a challenge. Not only are you seeing if your new partner is compatible with you. You also have to make sure that he is compatible with your kids.

I was very lucky to find my husband. How he puts up with all of us girls is beyond me. But, thank god for him!! When me and the girls moved into his home, almost 8 years ago, we flipped his world upside down. Going from 1 to 5 was a challenge for him. (he did a very good job with this transition) So we were in this new, amazing relationship. He loves me. He loves my kids. All is wonderful.

My husband has never really been a person who is into the whole public displays of affection. I'm good with my hug and kiss I get from him in the morning or when we both get home from work. In the beginning he would (try and make sure the kids were not looking) tap me on the butt and say "good game". Well I guess he didn't do a very good job of being sneaky with this action cause most kids like to copy. Always at the most inappropriate times..

Round 3

It was my middle daughters, Krysten, 4th birthday.  My father had taken me and my two younger girls to dinner for her birthday.  After dinner dad took us to Target to let her pick a couple toys out as a gift. (My father is not a shopper so this is his ideal way to get them gifts. He takes them to the store and spoils the hell out of them.)

He got her out of her car seat, took her by her chubby little hand, and led her into the store. I grabbed a cart and put Abby in the seat and just kind of hung back to let Krysten have her BOZ time. (Oh yea he don't like to be called grandpa, he has all the kids call him BOZ) She was so excited walking next to him as they made their way to the toy section..

"Anything I want, right Boz?" she asked him
"Yes Krysten, its your day!" Boz told her as they rounded the corner.

A very frail and older woman was pushing a walker and moving very slow. All Krysten wanted to do was get to the toys!!! I was a few aisles back from them and keeping the pace. Next thing I see is Krysten go up to the lady tap her on her butt then take off down a side aisle yelling "GOOD GAME!!" but leaving Boz standing there in shock as the old woman turned around to see a man standing there..

Now, I was laughing way to hard to be able to stand and watch the aftermath so I found and ailse and just broke down in laughter. That was the day I discoverd that no one is safe in my house..

Sorry Boz but, the kids win this round..

Boz- got the # for a sugar momma... jk!!

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