Thursday, May 10, 2012

Dancing Shoes....

Dress up in my home is a daily game. My girls have a rubber maid container full of old dresses and shoes. All little girls like to play with their mom's shoe, clothes, and makeup. I am constantly tripping over my shoes all the time even tho I haven't wore them in months. And the lord only knows what happened to all my OPI nail polish.

Off the dress up subject for a minuet, (you will understand why I bring this up very soon) Krysten and Abby some how stumbled upon a movie with the wonderful ON DEMAND feature on most TVs. (FYI there is a way to block this feature on most TVs) Her grandmother found the girls watching a movie called Zombie Strippers. Of course she shut the TV off right away. Abby still saw what she needed to see, asked A LOT of questions, and then the subject was dropped. (BTW I told her strippers we as real as zombies. Don't judge...) But not for long......

Round 7

My husband and I were dealing with a family emergency and a couple of friends of ours offered to pick up the kids and keep them for the night for us. These people are an awesome couple. Both of their children are grown up and out of the house. So, they love taking our girls every now and then when they miss having small children at their home.  They spoil them with ice cream, take them swimming, and do just about what ever else the kids want!

While they were making cookies Abby asked Marci (our friend) if she had any old dress shoes that she could play in. Marci of course went into her closet and found a pair of 1 inch heels. (now all my heels are at least 4 inches and that little monster can walk better in them than I can) Abby said thanks and off she went to play.

About 20 min later while Marcy was finishing up her dishes she heard: click click click.. She stopped doing the dishes and just listened for a min. Didn't hear the sound again so she went back to her dishes. A few minuets later she heard it again: click click click. This time she stopped doing the dishes and set out to find the source of the sound. She made her way to the living room listening to all the clicks. Of course there on the top of her living room coffee table stood Abby. Shoes on her feet, shirt half off (oh lord...), and dancing.
"Hi Marci!!!! I'm a stripper, do you have a dollar?" Abby said.

OH HOLY MOTHER OF GOD,I think this was the ultimate payback for me being suck a rotten child. I called my father to say I was sorry for all the years I was a crazy kid. Abby now knows that's not a way to play dress up.


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