Monday, May 7, 2012

Revenge is best served with soap....

When kids talk back or say a word that is not meant to cross their lips, I believe that soap in the mouth works the best.. Now, don't think I go overboard with this cause I have heard reports of very stupid parents pouring a whole container of liquid soap in their kids mouth and killing them. And I have never made my kids sit in the bath room with a bar of soap in their mouth like Ralphy from The Christmas Story. No, I'm saying a little drop on the tongue works just fine.

Problem is you have to catch them first, and somehow manage to open their mouth long enough to get the soap in place. GOOD LUCK with that. I used this with my oldest until her sister found out that this was the best way to get revenge...

Round 6

Waking up to my kiddos fighting happens about every day. She hit me, she is touching me, she won't get out of the bath room.. Now, I am NOT one of those mothers who is up and happy singing songs with the birds in the  mornings.. I'm not Marry Poppins.. So being woke up to a fight makes me more crabby then just having to get up to start my day.

Krysten and Bethany were at it again over something that I'm sure Abby started.. (She loves to get them going and then sit there like she is an angel) The two where in the mists of an old fashion slap war. (It is very entertaining to see this) So I go to break them up and OMG then they start screaming at each other.

I don't call my kids stupid,  and we never say we hate anyone, so when my oldest said to her sister: "I hate you, you stupid sister" It was game on.

Now, the last time I had to do soap with Bethany (drama queen) she forced herself to get sick. Like I said it is just a small drop nothing harmful. So, while they were  still fighting I went into the bathroom filled up a cup of water and got the toilet ready for her drama.

I got her in the bath room, put the soap on m finger, then proceeded to struggle with her for 10 min before I got what little I could get into her mouth. Then over to the toilet she went making herself get sick.

I held her hair back then handed her the glass of water. When she took a drink she started screaming more and bubbles were coming out of her mouth. At this same time I heard little feet running in the other room and up the stairs..

At some point during our struggle Krysten took the dish soap and poured it into her cup of water..
Needless to say that was the last day I ever soaped one of my kids..

Krysten 1 She gets the point on this!!! lol

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