Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Who needs common sense

Most people either have book smarts or street smarts (common sense). You can usually tell which direction your kids will go at an early age. My oldest is by far the best student in the house. She keeps an A,B average in school.  The first thing she does as soon as she get home is her homework and rarely misses a day of school. She also is a big help with her sisters homework. ( is it just me or have schools changed the math process?) because with out her help we would all be lost!

Where she excels in the book smarts she lacks in the common sense.

Round 11

Family dinners are a very important time in our house hold. We only really get to sit down as a family once or twice a week, so we do, we make them fun. We go around the table and ask what was your favorite thing today. And everyone answers.

We also like to talk about current events or history. For example; what happened on this day in history? The kids love it and it shows who is paying attention in school.

This particular date of our dinner was December 7, 2011.  I made a meatloaf and the kids helped me Prep the sides. We all did our part and now it was time to sit and enjoy our family dinner.

Me: do you know what happened on this day in history?

Abby: it was the start of WWII!

Me: great job Abby!! How did you know that?

Abby: my teacher told me to say that if our parents asked. She also told us to say that it was the 70th anniversary of it.

Ok I was impressed and proud! Then my husband went into the attack on pear harbor an the sinking of the Arizona.

Hubby: they call it a 700 man grave cause they are still down there.

Bethany ( who is 13 and in 8th grade): how do they breath down there and what to they eat..

My husband and I exchanged looks of shock and amusement. Before I could explain more Abby chimed in.

Abby (who is 8 and in 2rd grade): really Beth??? 700 man GRAVE. You can't breath when you have been dead and underwater for 70 years.

Bethany's ears turned red and she didn't talk to Abby for the rest of the night.

ABBY-1 for paying attention in school!!

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