Thursday, May 3, 2012

Just BEAD it....

On of the most common home crafts for children is making beaded necklaces. You can get the kits at just about any store. It is hard to follow age limits on things like this when you have 3 kids at different ages. So to be fair to my oldest I would get the kits and just monitor the craft and let all 3 kids participate.

With my 2 older girls, I never had a problem with them shoving stuff up their nose or in their ears.. Helloooooo Abby.. She just broke all the rules. (yes most of my stories will be about her.) This child will do anything for attention....

Round 5

Bed time is the busiest time of day in our house... I need a drink, I need to go potty, blaa blaa, JUST GO TO SLEEP!! Bethany and Krysten never really had this problem. I would tell them its bed time and off they went not to be heard or seen till the next morning. But, Abby on the other hand would be up half the night. Some of the worst nights with this problem was when she was 2-3 yrs old.

I tucked the older 2 in one night and was heading over to Abby's bed to pat her to sleep.(Yes thanks Ms. Kelicy, I had to pat her to sleep for a year. It was either that or she wanted her feet rubbed with lotion. I feel so sorry for her future husband... lol not really..) Then she rolled over, looked at me with a smile, and said "bead in my nose". I looked at her for a moment trying to take in what she said. Then I looked in her nose and there is was, a pink bead.

Ok so I'll plug one side of her nose and and have her blow it out. (yea smart plan mom) Except when I told her to blow out she sucked in a big breath of air threw her nose. (the bead then went much farther up her nose) Holy mother of god..She sucked in so hard I thought the bead had traveled up into her brain. Well needless to say we made a trip to the hospital that night.

The bead came out, she got a popsicle, and a teddy bear. Ok I think it is sweet when kids are sick to give them a Teddy bear but, she don't deserve this. She is the one who shoved the damn bead up her nose.. Ok I let it go..

The next night my, wonderful husband volunteered to tuck the girls in and pat Abby. Maybe he felt sorry because I didn't get any sleep the night before.(Did you know that it takes 5 hours to get a bead out of a kids nose at the hospital) I was down stairs listening to him talk to them (he is so sweet with them) then she said it. "hey b (she used to call him b, we don't know why) I have a bead in my nose." He answered. "No Abby you had a bead in your nose last night." Then I heard the dreaded words....."No b, I have anudder bead." OH CRAP....

Sure as shit that little monster crammed another damn bead up her nose. We tried for 45min to get it out but couldn't. Back to the hospital I went. This time it only took 3 1/2 hours. Bead out, they gave her another stupid Popsicle, and when they nice little old lady came in the room to give her the Teddy bear, I refused it. (mean mom, I know..) She screamed half of the way home but then fell asleep..

I was up till 6am making sure ever last bead was out of the house.

So, a week later when she spiked a high fever and had to go back to the hospital (she was pron to high fever seizures so I had to take her) I dreaded walking in the building. Of course it was the same receptionist at the check in as it was the other two times.

"Well hello miss Abby, what do we have up our nose tonight?" The woman asked as we walked in. For a sick kid she got a big smile on her face and then asked me.....

"Do I get to keep the Teddy bear this time?"


Mom 1
Kids 4
Anderson Hospital gets a new bead removal wing...


  1. Ahhhahahahaha! I don't know why, because I've heard the story before, but it seems so much funnier reading it. Gotta love Little Miss Abby :)