Thursday, May 17, 2012


When the day finally came to potty train my youngest I was more than ready. To finally be diaper free was the goal. The road ahead would be filled with wet sheets, extra laundry, and doing the happy dance every time we made it to the toilet.

Round 9

We made the trip to Target so Miss Abby could pick out her new big girl underwear. Letting her choose from all the princesses and cute smiley face panties was a milestone. My baby was growing up. 1 problem, at the time we were potty training she was in love with the movie Cars. Lightning McQueen was her guy. (I never thought having 3 girls I would get the experience of stepping on a hot wheels car in the middle of the night but Abby loved cars. And it happened 2 times at least.)

We were using pull ups and she loved the ones with McQueen printed on them over the princess ones. So while looking at her selection she just turned up her nose and said she didn't want to give up her Lightning McQueen pull ups.

NOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Come on Abby.. I showed her just about every design and she just stood there and shook her head.. My dreams were fading. Then the light bulb in my brain lit up. We left the girls section and headed over to the boys. There on the shelf was Lightning McQueen and all the rest of the cars charterers printed on little boys underwear. (Never thought I would buy boys underwear either)

She got excited and pick out 3 packages and we were off! YES!!! I could see the light at the end of the diaper tunnel. She sat in her car seat and just looked at the package and we were both so happy.

We got home and as soon as we made it into the house the packages were ripped open and the pull up was off and in the trash.. Underwear was on and she was ready to go.

Now like I said before, I have 3 girls and never had to get little boys underwear. For some reason I didn't think little boys underwear had the pee pee hole in it. Yea I know what your thinking but really do you think about it?

Abby came running into the living room so excited about her new big girl underwear!!!

Yes her little hand was shoved in the slit of the underwear. Ok you can handle this, you don't want to give too much info too soon so we let that explanation go.

The next day, while dropping her off at day care, she was so excited to show her teacher her big girl underwear.

"Ms Kelcie look at my big girl panties!!!!" She dropped her pants in the front hallway of the daycare while about 3-4 other parents were standing there. "They have Lightning on them and they have a pocket!!!!" I looked over and sure as shit she had her hand in the slit again. The other parents laughed and I quickly signed her in and left the building as fast as McQueen could drive.


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