Thursday, May 24, 2012


Kids are born animal lovers. They want to have pets (until the newness wears off). We have 2 dogs and 1 cat. I love my furry children almost as much a I live my kids. Our family was complete, the last thing we needed was another mouth to feed..

And nothing is ever for free...

Round 12

Krysten, my middle spawn, came to me one evening asking if she could have a turtle.

Me: where on earth did you get this idea?

Krysten: a friend from school.

Me: I don't think it's a good idea. We already have 3 pets.

She pouted a bit then headed off to play. Wow!!! I dodge that bullet. A turtle, something I wasn't really expecting a kid to ask for as a pet but oh well the conversation was over.

About 2 nights later she came to me again. This time she had a 15 page paper on why she needed a turtle. It had pie charts (they really had no meaning) , cartoons, and all this basic info on turtles.

Krysten: the one I want is a red neck slider. Paul (my hubby) would love it cause he is a redneck too!!

Yes my hubby's a redneck! I have 3 girls who will soon be dating boys, I had to find a man with shotguns!!

Me: Krysten this is a very impressive paper but no. I'm sorry but we are not getting another pet. Maybe if you help out with the ones we have I would THINK about it.

She smiled and took off to play.

For a week the turtle business was not brought up. I was driving home and my phone rang. It wasn't a number that I knew so I hesitantly answered.

Me: hello

Very Excited Child: hello is this Krystens mom??

Me: yes who is this?

VEC: oh!!!!! Krystens mom!!! The package arrived today and I am soooooooooo excited that my turtles brother is going to live with my very best friend in the whole world!!!

Me: and can I ask who your very best friend in the world is??

VEC: well Krystens mom, it is Krysten!!! This makes me so happy!! We have enough food for him and all you have to do is pick him up. It is my gift to her for being my very best friend in the whole world!

By this point this very excited child somehow got me excited and so I went with it. It is very hard to say no to someone elses kid. Especially when they are so excited. I know what your thinking, I was had. But she was so excited I couldn't help it.

Me: well we have plans this evening can we pick him up tomorrow?

VEC: yes that works!!! Thank you so much Krystens mom.

Me: yes no prob. 

When I got home Krysten was waiting by the door. Guess her friend called the  house phone and already told her the good news.

That night I went to petco and got a turtle habitat that cost $131.57. So much for a free turtle. Not only did I spend a crap load of money, I fell on ice In the parking lot and bruised my ass. ( it was February) also I found out that red EARED sliders ( not redneck, lol that guy in petco I'm sure still tells that story) can get as large as a dinner plate and in 1 year I would have to upgrade the tank. SMH.....

Good times...... Kids win again.


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