Monday, May 14, 2012

Ring tone Woes......

Ring tones bring out you personality! While doing a massage on an older lady (I am a Massage Therapist) her phone went off and the ring tone was AC/DC Back in Black..That was a fun surprise I didn't expect. I love to change up my tones and more times than most let it ring till it goes to voice mail cause I am jamming out to the song.

I have always been excited to get new ring tones... I know I'm a big dork. At one point I had a ring tone for just about every contact in my phone. (That was a very expensive bill) I have now mellowed out on that and really only treat myself to a new tone ever few months.

Round 8

When I go to the grocery store I try to NOT bring all 3 kids. It is way too crazy and I spend enough money on my own let alone get the kids all the stuff they want. On this particular day I had all 3 with me. I was stressed out and was just trying to get everything on my list and to get out.

Why is it I always seem to pick the wrong days to go to the store?

I always end up there on senior day or the $10.00 off when you spend $50.00 day. People are fighting for carts and are just plain grumpy.

So I'm stressed, everyone in the store is grumpy, and my kids are crazy. We need to lighten the mood a bit and make this trip to the store fun. So as we are walking down the aisle I'm dancing and having a good time with my younger 2 girls.(My oldest of course is walking about 15 feet in front of us ignoring us.)

We are laughing and just having a great time when my phone went off.

"I'm sexy and I know it..... Wiggle wiggle wiggle this." Come on you all know the song. So now we have a good song to dance too. I'm dancing and the little ones are dancing. Oh and we got one old lady to dance with us too. Good times!!! Now where is my oldest???

Well she left us as soon as the phone started ringing. Yea we found her in the bath room about 15 min later. I had her paged. Now I'm in so much trouble her ears are red. I promise to lay off the dancing and we finish our shopping.

While checking out, I forgot to turn my phone off and of course it starts again. I'm sorry I can't help myself and start again. This time the people behind us start dancing too. It was so much fun.

Bethany (my oldest) decided she was going to the car.

Every time she goes to the store with me she now makes me turn the phone on vibrate.

Beth <3 u!!!!!

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