Monday, May 21, 2012

Should have been a boy..

Summer time is an exciting time in our house. No school, getting to sleep in, and fun days with granpa Boz. Being a working mom, summer time sucks.. Yes, I enjoy the school years because not only is it good for the kids and I don't have to pay a babysitter. Now we are at a time in our lives that my oldest can watch her sisters but I still have to pay her..

The free babysitter at the time was my wonderful father. Not only did he get quality time with the girls it didn't cost me a dime.. So the summer I knew I was saving all this money I splurged and got the girls a pool to play in while granpa Boz sat in a lawn chair and read his book

Round 10

We live out in the country on 5 acres of land. It is very privet and during the day not too many people drive down the road. A big rule with the pool and every other pool would go swimming at was NO PEEING in the pool. I basically told them when they had to go just to get out and pee by the tree. (no one would see them and they wouldn't be tracking water all through my house.) The perfect place to put our new pool was behind the house. We got the pool and set it up on a Sunday. The girls were in it all day. (They all fell asleep early that night..., I LOVE THIS POOL) It was a great weekend..

Monday morning came too fast and I had to head off to work. My dad showed up with his lawn chair, book ,and his big green cup full of ice water. The girls were in their swimsuits and ready for some pool time. I was off to work.

After my first client at work I came out to about 6 missed calls on my phone from home. WTH??? Oh course, I panicked and called the house. No one answered. Now I'm worried and starting to freak out. About 30 seconds later my receptionist comes in the back room holding out the salons phone saying I had a call..  It was my dad and everyone was great.. So I ask him what were all the missed calls for.

"She lost it." he said
"Ummmm what did she loose?" I asked
"Her penis." He answered
"WTF???" Is all I could reply

Apparently, Abby got out of the pool. Pulled her bathing suit to the side and peed standing up. No, it didn't run down her leg, it arcked out like a little boy would pee. So now my father is convinced that she is part boy. I hang up the phone and take it back up to the front desk. Thinking that my father only shared this info with me I hand the phone over to the receptionist.

"So, I guess Abby is part boy.." He asked me as walked away.
???????????? How did he know that. He was on the phone and accidentally hit the line I was on and him and a client over heard the whole conversation... Good times..

Grandpa Boz- very confused

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